Mad Scientist Costume – Kids Crazy Mad Scientist Halloween Costumes

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1675843207 933 Cult Classic Movies Incredible Mr Limpet

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The mad scientist costume has been popular since the early days of Frankenstein. Because of its many accessories and zany props, kids and even adults alike have enjoyed this costume for Halloween after Halloween. Since there are so many varieties of this costume, the chances you run into someone dressed the same is highly unlikely, that is unless you shop at the same store.

Mad Scientist Costume

The whole mad scientist thing was made even more popular in the 80’s from the song “She Blinded Me with Science.” It included a video where a whacky looking guy with crazy hair and a lab coat worked diligently in a lab and was overcome by the beauty of a woman. Later in the 80’s, the movie “Weird Science”, heightened the costumes popularity when a couple of kids with fancy computers and science gear created a sexy woman of their dreams.

One cool thing about the mad scientist costume is that it has many different styles. Most kids dress like vampires and werewolves, and with each one, it is hard to look different. With a mad scientist costume, you can have several different looks. You can use a bald wig with glasses and look like Ben Franklin, or buy a crazy, white wig and look like Albert Einstein. There’s so much you can do with these costumes that you will never run out of ideas.

Crazy Scientist Wig

The accessories are what make the costume. You can purchase the outfit from the store, which mostly consists of a large lab coat and perhaps a wig. You can add a pocket protector and some pens to add some “nerd” to the costume. If you’re attending a party, you can bring along some beakers filled with colored water for a cool prop. Because the mad scientist is known for being zany, you can carry that attitude over to the party and be the center of attention. Not everyone can pull it off, but if you have the personality, then this costume is for you.

When you’re at a crossroads this Halloween and you can’t figure out whether to dress up as a vampire or a werewolf, forget them both and choose the mad scientist costume. For one thing, it will be more unique than most everyone else, and secondly, it will allow you the ability to freely roam about the room without hiding behind a mask. Enjoy the night and make sure this Halloween you blind everyone with your science!

write by Hirna Patel