A Review on the Letter Aleph

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There’s a message built in to this and you’re going to see it by the end of this article and I think it’s going to overwhelm some of you that do not know this. I think you’re going to be blown away at the Hebrew Alphabet and how it relates to your life today because that’s what we’re really after; it’s how the Language of the Creator relates to us.

So first and foremost, there are 22 letters in the Hebrew Alphabet and the first one is Aleph. We learned that Aleph in its true meaning means strength, power or leader. So the strength of the power of the leader is what Aleph stands for. We moved into kind of a little deeper understanding of the letter Aleph. Aleph is made of two Yod’s and a diagonal Vav.

We also learned that the Vav is a representative of the nail and the Yod represents power and so what is happening is you have the power above and it is separated from the power below. Just to translate, the powers in heaven are separated from the powers of Earth by the nail and of course you know that your nail is Yeshua.

Yeshua is the one that connects the power above and the power below. That is Aleph, Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and it’s not the first letter of your bible, strangely enough. Beit is the first letter of your bible because Aleph is the silent letter. It comes even before the very first letter of your bible, Bereshit. It is that spirit, that power that connects heaven and Earth. Aleph is really the first letter of your bible, it’s just hidden.

Here are some Aleph words and their English translation:

a) Elohim is God.

b) Av is Father.

c) Echad means one.

d) Ahavah is love.

e) Al is a God or deity, (Aleph Lamed)

f) Or is light

g) Emet is truth

h) Anee is “I”

i) Abraham is a father of multitudes and of many nations

j) Abrakha means “I will bless you”

k) Adam means Adam

l) Emunah means faith

Emunah is faith and faith does not mean what you think it means. In English faith is so ambiguous, it’s so like Greek. Emunah is a deep seeded belief that Yahweh has a plan for everything.

This word Emunah, I could spend several articles on because Emunah is the only word in the Hebrew Alphabet that brings Shalom.

write by Eira