How to Care For a Dog – Helping Canines Live Long, Healthy Lives

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The idea of getting a dog and caring for him like he was another member of the family can be a daunting thought. If you learn properly how to care for a dog, though, the task will seem much more manageable. Owning a dog can be a very enjoyable experience, but you need to know about the basics of dog care that applies to every dog, no matter their age, breed or personality.

Every experienced dog owner recognizes the importance of dog training. One of the most essential points in learning how to care for a dog is exactly this. You will enjoy the presence of your dog so much more if he is trained well and obeys you. Having such supplies as a goodie pouch for rewards, spray bottle or something similar for discipline and objects to interact with them as you train are all important aspects in training your dog. Such supplies as bitter apple spray are useful in deterring your dog from chewing on and ruining his leash during training.

It is important when learning how to care for a dog that you read up on current health issues concerning your canine friend. Such current events like the melamine contamination in some dog foods are important to know. Up-to-date nutrition, dental and claw care, training, grooming and bathing guidelines will help you properly care for your dog. Exercise is one of the leading aspects of a dog’s health that gets neglected during these times of small apartments, no yards, and crowded, dangerous parks. If you live somewhere small with little outdoor access to run and play, consider waiting until a later time to get a dog. Since dogs need so much exercise, it may be tempting to let them off their leash to run free. This is not legal in many areas because of the dangers of loose dogs. Fit your dog with a collar and identification tag to prevent losing him.

Providing proper shelter for your pooch is necessary to his happiness, as well. Whether it is a doghouse outside or a room in the home he can call his own, dogs need their space the same as humans do. Dogs enjoy soft pet beds to sleep in and clean dishes to eat from. Don’t neglect learning how to care for a dog when you acquire one and then expect him to stay healthy. Every dog owner needs supplies for training, grooming and the overall safety of their pet.

write by Martha