My Husband Left Me And I Want Him Back! 7 Steps to Pull Him Back Into Your Arms Once Again


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    Whether your husband has kicked you out of the car on the side of the road in Alaska or has packed up his stuff and moved out of the house, the fact remains that you want him to come back. Follow this advice to see if it’s in the cards.

    Step 1:Is He Husband Material?: You made the decision to say yes to him in the first place but did things suddenly change as you became a union? Some guys just can’t handle the monotony and finality of a marriage so maybe your best advice is to try and get him back without the pressures of being husband and wife.

    Step 2:Do Some Wife Work: Marriage is a two way street and before you blame that bum husband for stepping out on you, make sure you were something sweet to come home to. If you reflect on ways you could’ve made the arrangement better, perhaps you’ll have a better plan of attack.

    Step 3:Have An Open Mind: Your goal is to get your husband back but remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to happen immediately. If you keep an open mind, let him have space, and go with the flow you’ve got a better chance of not only getting him back, but keeping him in the picture for good.

    Step 4:Where Did He Go: Is your husband simply taking some time away or is he using the split to spend your retirement savings in Las Vegas? You’ve got to really make sure he’s not gone for good and that he was there in the first place before you attempt to win him back.

    Step 5:Be Positive: Instead of dwelling on the fact that your marriage is starting to resemble cookie crumbs, instead focus on being positive. Think of ways you can get him back instead of how miserable you currently feel. In order to see the light at the end of the tunnel, you sometimes need to put on rose-colored sunglasses.

    Step 6:Don’t Drive A Wedge: The events that happen during a split are critical for taking the steps to get back together. Your marriage is struggling now but don’t do irreparable damage by insulting your husband or bickering with him. When you guys do talk, make sure it’s positive, constructive, and healthy.

    Step 7:His Loss: Eventually, you’ve got to start taking the attitude that it’s his loss for not being with you. You’re a great catch and although he left you at a motel in Alaska, you’ll have the last laugh when his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.


    write by Curtis