Leather Shorts All The Way!


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    These days leather is increasingly in demand. It is a rage among fashion-hit people. They look very unique and hot; despite sounding very bold they are impeccably beautiful. Right from Kate Moss to Hillary Duff have gone the leather way. Leather shorts are a hit among girls who want to go the bold way. Miley Cyrus wore leather shorts for one of her performances. It ideally suits every occasion.

    Apparently they are very much on par with denim shorts. It’s the same. It’s comfortable, looks sporty, hot and still casual. Shorts have always existed only that it has been developed a tad more with leather entering the scene. And honestly, it’s done a lot good than bad.

    The best part about leather shorts are, they can be worn anywhere and anytime leaving you with no confusions or dilemmas. Only that, you shouldn’t be silly enough to wear it in a funeral or a marriage.

    Ways to carry to different types of leather shorts:

    • You can wear leather shorts with a nice tight tee-shirt, especially if it’s going to be a long day ahead. This can be teamed up with simple slippers or flip-flops.
    • You can carry funky one-sided bags that are vibrant in color and big sunglasses.
    • Don’t wear anything shiny or too glossy. You might end up looking kinky.
    • If your shorts are red in color, try wearing a nice plain white tee-shirt and white or black canvas shoes. This looks extremely chic and stylish.
    • If the sporty look is not your style and the elegant look is, well, wear those hot leather pants with a figure hugging tee-shirt and instead of slippers try wearing stilettos. You’ll look wow and undeniably turn a few heads.
    • The military look can be well achieved by wearing these shorts with a leather jacket.
    • Leather shorts also have different styles. The zippered ones is a must-buy for every fashion lover.
    • Fancy laced shorts are also a big rage. It adds more glamour and sensuality.
    • Knee-length leather shorts are also available in the market. If you are not comfortable with bold leg-baring you can wear these knee-length ones.

    Leather shorts can be called the modern version of the lot. If you don’t carry it off like it should be, you might just end up looking cheesy. I would dread to look or be called cheesy, wont you? These shorts are the best option for every girl in search of a new glamorous look. Your wardrobe should have at least one of these pants. Red, brown, black, and off lately shades of yellow, green are commonly used colors.

    Now before you hit the stores to grab one of these, keep in mind about the quality. You don’t want to be fooled. Some stores provide faux quality. The finest leather assures durability and a good touch. It feels very soft on the skin. So splurge a part of your salary on leather shorts. You certainly won’t regret it; in fact you will realize that it’s an investment.


    write by Daniel Baldwin