EOS – A Young Name In Fashionable Watches


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    EOS is a young fashion house based out of New York’s trendy Flatiron district. Offering cutting edge fashion accessories that reflect the young urban culture, EOS is the perfect accent to complement a cool and dynamic look. An innovative brand leader within the fashion industry, EOS is dedicated to create high quality timepieces, sunglasses and jewelry that entice and fulfill the urge to indulge in exceptionally crafted, trendsetting accessories.

    The company was established in 2002 in New York. Its edgy styles are creating quite a buzz amongst apprehended urbanites. The name EOS comes from the winged Greek goddess of Dawn, who rose from her home at the edge of Oceanus, the Ocean that surrounds the world, to herald her brother Helios, the sun. With its obsession for accuracy and its cutting edge designs, EOS furnish craftsmanship that is a step ahead of the tendencies. Casting a cultured eye on each one of their timepieces enables the company to break traditional detail criterion.

    Not many watch companies can come close to the sharply designs and styles EOS incorporate into their accessories. Using a striking color palette that includes bold hues, the highest quality Swarovski certified crystals, silver and gold hardware and intricate leather bands contribute to the masterfully designed details of each one of the EOS timepieces. Each watch is ornamented with a distinct pair of hands to complete the EOS signature.

    The latest line form EOS, the Entourage Timewear is a limited edition of wrist watches inspired by the hit HBO series, Entourage (TM). The Entourage series fans have now one more reason to be thrilled! The stainless steel construction, exquisite leathers and sleek, fashion-forward design, reflect the fun and seductive lifestyle of Vincent Chase and his Entourage. Each Entourage model features an etched program tag line or quote. Just like Eric, Turtle and Drama, these watches will add some fun to their owners lifestyle. After all, a lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste.

    Despite the fact that the company is pretty young, their products can be found nowadays in fashionable boutiques and retail stores all around the world. They are very popular wrist watches, especially among young people, with a market price somewhere between $50 and $150, so almost anyone can afford them. From styles that offer a more classic look to more urban and cutting-edge styles, EOS New York has the ultimate in fashion accessories to fit your fashion desires, usually at quite affordable prices.


    write by parker