Critical Thinking: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Be Drawn To Conspiracy Theories?


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    There are those that more or less believe everything they hear from the mainstream media and the authority figures that are in the public eye, and then there are those that are the complete opposite. The former can view the latter as being ‘conspiracy theorists’, while the latter can view the former as being ‘sheep’.

    To say that there is conflict between people like this would be an understatement. Over time, there appears to be more and more people who could be put into the second category.

    One Outlook

    If one generally goes along with what they are told by mainstream sources, they could have the tendency to dismiss just about anything that goes against the dominant narrative. The mainstream media will be their main source of information and they won’t have much time for anything the alternative media comes out with.

    There is the chance that they will see themselves as being far too ‘rational’ to believe the ‘crazy’ things that are believed by those that pay attention to other news sources. Having this point of view can allow them to feel as though they are superior to these people.

    Another Outlook

    If one typically goes along with what they told by the alternative media, they could have the inclination to dismiss just about anything that goes along with the dominant narrative. They are going have very little, if any, time for what the mainstream media comes out with.

    They could see themselves as being far too informed to blindly go along with the lies that the mainstream media sells. Unlike the people who swallow what this source comes out with, they can believe that they know what is going on, something that can allow them to feel superior to others.

    A Bit of Both

    It has been well-documented that the mainstream media has lied on numerous occasions and that some of the things that were labelled as being ‘conspiracy theories’ have turned out to be true. With this in mind, it would be totally irrational for anyone to accept everything the mainstream media says and to cast aside everything that the alternative media says.

    At the same time, it wouldn’t make sense for someone to accept everything that the alternative media sells. As with the mainstream media, the alternative media is also run by human beings and human beings are fallible.

    A lot Of Exposure

    Ergo, while an open mind is important, what is also important is for someone to have the ability to think critically. However, after hearing about certain things via the alternative media, it can be hard for them to not get pulled in and to stay centred.

    They could hear about what their government has been doing, how children are being treated and even about children that have gone missing, amongst other things. This could fill them with a deep sense of injustice and it will be clear that there are a lot of people out there who are abusing their power.

    One Focus

    After having heard about these things, as well as others, it could often be hard for them to think about anything else. A lot of their free time could be spent reading articles and watching videos that go into what is taking place and talking to others about it.

    Through being focused on this stuff, they could often feel angry and even enraged, and if they don’t experience these feelings, they could feel powerless and hopeless. They will know that there are bad things going on out there, but they won’t be able to do much about it.

    What Going On?

    If this person was to talk about what is going on to someone who only pays attention to the mainstream media, they might not get very far. What they say could end up being dismissed or they could be told that they are a conspiracy theorist.

    One way of looking at this would be to say that one will care about the injustices of the world, yet the people like this won’t. Then again, what if there is another reason as to why someone would be drawn to things like this?

    A Reminder

    The main reason why they are drawn to things like this could be because it reminds them of what took place during their early years. But, as their conscious mind will have most likely lost touch with what took place at this stage of their life, they won’t be able to see the connection.

    At this time, they may have had a least one caregiver who abused their power. This may mean that one experienced some kind of abuse and/or neglect at this stage of their life.

    Resolving The Past

    Without realising it, then, what appears to be taking place in the world will remind them of what they experienced, giving them the need to try to change what is going on ‘out there’. They would have been a powerless victim at this stage of their life and now they might see themselves as a saviour.

    One can be convinced that they are trying to save the world or some of the people who inhabit it, but they will unknowingly be trying to save the wounded child that is deep inside them. This is an example of how someone projects unhealed parts of themselves onto the world and tries to heal these parts by changing the world; this will seldom work, though, as this will be the equivalent of them trying to clean their sunglasses by cleaning the window in front of them.

    The Law of Resonance

    What this illustrates is that it is not possible for someone to merely observe reality; they are playing an active role in what they do, and don’t, experience. So, as one will be stuck in a victim/perpetrator consciousness due to what they experienced as a child, they will be drawn to things that reflect this dynamic.

    Not only this, where they are at energetically will also cause them to feed into the victim/perpetrator consciousness of the planet. Therefore, while they can consciously intend to make the world a better place, they will be unconsciously sustaining the very reality that they want to change.


    What this emphasises is that it is not just what someone does that has an impact on their life and the world as a whole; what they are resonating also has an effect. The trouble is that trying to change what is going on ‘out there’ can seem like the only way to change the world.

    Nevertheless, if one is hasn’t dealt with any of their own wounds and they are not ‘being’ an example of the change that they want to see, they can be doing more harm than good. Ultimately, the ‘darkness’ on this planet can only exist for as long as the collective darkness hasn’t been dealt with; as this changes, the ‘bad’ in the world will be starved of energy and disappear.

    Lastly, if someone is carrying the resonance of being violated as a result of what took place during their early years, they may need to reach out for external support. The support of a therapist or a healer, for instance, can allow them to go where they wouldn’t go by themselves and to gradually heal their inner wounds.


    write by Cruz Ortega