Buying Retail Store Displays and Fixtures Online


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    As a retailer, you are lucky to have a wide variety of store displays and store fixtures at your fingertips, online. Make sure that you choose a supplier that is also the manufacturer to ensure the best prices. It is also a good idea to go through a company that provides all of the items you will need to stock your retail store. This way, reorders, returns and customer service will all be consistently how you expect them to be and go as smoothly as you need them to.

    You will need all sorts of store displays to design your store. You will sometimes need items on short notice, so consider who keeps a large inventory of in-stock items before you choose a supplier. You will be ordering retail packaging, tags and labels, signs and banners, clothing racks, hangers, security devices, mannequins and more, so be sure that you choose someone who can accommodate all of these needs.

    Keeping with one company will simplify your books and help you keep everything organized. Don’t be fooled by price alone. Compare quality and customer reviews of companies that you are considering before you decide. After you determine which suppliers are top notch, another thing to look at is special deals or discounts. Many offer shipping deals, or percentages off of your order around holidays. Look for promotions and be sure to ask about special offers when you call to talk to them.

    This brings up the next point, customer service. Can you call the company that you chose and speak to a real person? Is the person on the other end of the line friendly, eager to please and knowledgeable? The last thing you need is a problem order and an untrained person on the other end that does not know how to fix it. Or even worse, you have to wait days and days for an e-mail reply to your question that may or may not contain the answer you were looking for.

    You need someone with a wide range of retail store fixtures and displays, a large inventory of in-stock items, helpful and knowledgeable customer service employees, occasional special deals and discounts, a proven track record of quality items in a variety of store items, and someone who is willing to stand behind their products.

    Once you find that dream manufacturer that is also the supplier, you will not only get the most bang for your buck, but you will have a partner in running your store. Buying high quality store displays and fixtures can sometimes be a trial and error procedure. But, with these few steps that get you through the research, you are sure to find a supplier of retail store displays and display cases that will be an asset to your business.


    write by Iphigenia